Barcelona, with its Mediterranean charm, is a city that combines history, art and culture with modernity and vibrancy. Add to this the fact that it has become one of the most popular destinations for cannabis enthusiasts. Thanks to the legalization and regulation of consumption in cannabis clubs, the city has many ideal places to enjoy this plant in a safe and friendly environment. If you are thinking of visiting Barcelona and want to know which are the best places to smoke cannabis, read on.

Los mejores lugares para fumar cannabis en Barcelona

Cannabis Clubs

First and foremost, it is essential to mention that cannabis consumption in public spaces in Barcelona is illegal. However, there are so-called “cannabis clubs” that operate under a membership model. Here are some of the most outstanding clubs:

Kush Weed Club

Perfect to relax and disconnect from the routine, you will have plenty of reasons to spend the best time of the day or night. It’s located next to the cathedral of Barcelona, in the magical Gothic quarter.

The Green Table

Located in the heart of the Raval, it is known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Apart from high quality cannabis strains, they also offer workshops and talks about the plant.


This club is distinguished by its exquisite decoration and warm atmosphere. It is located in the Gothic Quarter and offers a wide variety of products.


Although, as mentioned, it is illegal to consume in public spaces, it is not uncommon to see people discreetly enjoying themselves on some beaches, especially in the late afternoon. Mar Bella Beach is popular with young people and is known for its bohemian atmosphere. If you decide to smoke here, always be respectful and discreet.

Parks and Mountains

  • Parc de la Ciutadella: A true oasis in the city, ideal for relaxing after a long day. Although it is not a place to smoke openly, it is a quiet environment for those seeking a moment of introspection.
  • Montjuïc: With its gardens and panoramic views of the city, Montjuïc is an excellent choice for those who wish to combine nature and cannabis.

Events and Festivals

Barcelona hosts several cannabis-related events, such as the famous Spannabis, the largest cannabis fair in Europe. These events are not only an opportunity to smoke, but also to learn more about the world of cannabis, its therapeutic applications and the latest developments in products and technologies.

Terraces and Rooftops

Many hostels and hotels in Barcelona have terraces or rooftops where, respecting the rules of the place and being discreet, you could enjoy your cannabis while admiring the views of the city.

Tips for smoking cannabis in Barcelona

  • Legality: Always remember that the legislation is clear. Cannabis clubs operate under a membership system and you cannot buy like in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. In addition, consumption in public places is illegal.
  • Discretion: If you decide to smoke outside a club, always do so discreetly. Although Barcelona is an open and liberal city, it is always important to respect others.
  • Quality: Barcelona is known for the quality of its cannabis. However, as in any place, there is always the possibility of finding lower quality products. Do your research and check reviews before purchasing.
  • Respect: Don’t forget that not everyone is a cannabis fan. Always consume responsibly and respect those around you.

Barcelona offers a fascinating mix of culture, history and opportunities for cannabis lovers. Whether in a specialized club, on a terrace overlooking the sea or in a quiet park, this city has the perfect atmosphere for every cannabis experience. Enjoy your visit and consume responsibly!